Smoking Cessation

Take back control of your life and take the step to becoming a non-smoker so that you never crave another cigarette again.

Do you want to quit smoking but don’t know how?  Do you fear the withdrawal symptoms you will have to suffer as a result of quitting?  You may have tried countless times to quit but within days or weeks of stopping you resume, smoking even more than before.  You may have had many good intentions to quit; tried to resist the cravings and carefully made plans to change the way you behaved with no success.  As a result you may have decided to stop even trying.

There are many ways out there to help us stop smoking... from nicotine patches to chewing gum to tablets, lozenges and inhalers. In addition, there are plenty of quick quit tips everywhere. 

But they all miss one vital component - the power of the unconscious mind. 

How Does The Addiction Work?

Addiction cleverly works at an unconscious level - smoking is still seen as an attractive prospect.  No matter how strong your convictions are to quit, the addiction waits until you are at a 'low' point, and then strikes.  Suddenly, you find yourself making up excuses for why it's OK to have 'just that one more'. 
Smoking becomes a learned behaviour in order to cope with stressful and difficult situations.

You may have formed an emotional attachment to smoking making comments such as: 
·      Smoking relaxes me
·      It helps me lose weight
·      It's an excuse to have a ten minute break from work
·      It gets me away from the kids (wife/husband) for a while
·      All my friends smoke... I do it to be sociable.... to 'fit in'

If this sounds like you and you have tried to quit smoking and failed then HYPNOTHERAPY can help you in as little as one session.

Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy can help you break your addiction to cigarettes, curb your smoking habit and help you along the path to a healthier you.

Why Can Hypnotherapy Work For You?

The reason why hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking is because it addresses the real reasons why you smoke in the first place.

HYPNOSIS helps you uncover the emotional ties to cigarettes that you may have, teaching you to recognise the triggers that keep you smoking and exploring healthier strategies to cope with stress, pain and fear without having to light up.

HYPNOSIS helps reprogram your subconscious to desire healthy alternatives and a healthy lifestyle.

HYPNOSIS can help improve your self-confidence as you take back control of your life, helping you to achieve a healthier lifestyle and overall sense of wellbeing as well as improve your finances.

Your Investment

A two hour smoking cessation hypnotherapy session and costs £125 and include a self-hypnosis and relaxation mp3 to download. 

This now also includes a booster session for free if you book within 30 days of your initial session.

If you would like to stop smoking now, or you simply want to talk with me about how a smoking cessation hypnotherapy session can help you, please call me on 7834226025 or email me

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