Wellness and Weight Control

Losing or gaining weight is not that simple and dieting very rarely has lasting results.  If you have tried repeatedly to lose or gain weight with little or no effect or find that once you have lost the weight, you put it straight back on again then hypnosis can help you to take permanent control of your weight and encourage you to maintain a healthy attitude towards food and exercise. 

Excessive Weight or Under Weight can make you feel…

  • judged by others
  • worried about your health… diabetes, heart attack
  • you lack confidence
  • unattractive
  • embarrassed doing physical activities
  • you lack energy
  • unfit
  • unable to find clothes that fit or look good on you
  • unable to get a boyfriend / girlfriend
  • afraid your children will pick up you bad habits
  • that when you diet you will be deprived of the things you enjoy or made to eat things you dislike
  • hungry all the time
  • you will always fail

If you want to achieve permanent weight loss or gain and feel healthy, confident and attractive then merely changing your eating habits and exercising will fail.

The reason for this is that our EMOTIONS play a major role in WHY we overeat.

We overeat or under-eat when we are stressed, or when we lack social skills and confidence, when we are afraid or bored or when we have had a bad day.  Eating or not eating makes us feel good and for a moment takes away the pain. 

As a result we have been conditioned to eat or under-eat. 

The result – a lifetime of excess weight, yo-yo dieting and more stress.

If you can identify the emotional reasons behind you unhealthy eating habits, so that you will be able to better control your eating behaviour.

What I Offer

·    I can offer both individual and small group coaching and hypnosis sessions  (between 5-10 people) to assist individuals who may be struggling with their weight or wellbeing, or suffer from low moods or low self-esteem.
·    Workshops are 2 hours long. They can be held in the morning, in an extended lunch-hour, in   the afternoon or in the evening after work.
·    You can attend a single workshop or a series of 4 (at a discounted price).
·    Workshops can be tailored to suit you and a particular group so you may prefer a private workshop for you, some friends, family members and/or work colleagues.

The Benefits of a Wellness Workshop?

    It can help you uncover the emotional ties or triggers you may have to food.
    It can teach you the techniques to help you cope with stress, pain and fear without resorting to       food.
    Hypnosis can help reprogram your subconscious to desire healthy alternatives and a healthy lifestyle.
    It can help you create healthy eating and lifestyle habits, help you gain confidence, increase your commitment, alter your attitude, breakdown the roadblocks and excuses to a healthy you and help you reach your own personal goals.
    Handouts and information will be given out.
    Email support will be provided between sessions.

What Is Your Investment?

It costs £40 per person to attend each workshop, or £140 if you want to book 4 workshops (the equivalent of £35 per workshop).
One-to-one hypnotherapy sessions cost £55 per session

Discovering a healthier and balanced lifestyle can help you to feel more confident in yourself and help you belief in yourself and your ability to succeed so that you can feel proud of who you are and what you are able to achieve.

Please call me on 07834226025 or email me at chameleoncoach101@gmail.com for further information or to book your Wellness and Weight Control sessions.

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